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Bikini, Jamie

June 3, 2010

Thanks for checking this out! I haven’t had any recent shoots but thats about to change.. If you have any ideas or would even like a

few photographs of your own let me know. I appreciate criticism and critique so, fill me in on what improvements I can make.

Thanks for looking!!


Gi-Ant/ Raindrops

April 26, 2010

These are some photographs I took with My Macro filters and 200mm lens. I think they turned out pretty good considering it was my second time using this technique.


Shutter: 1/160 f-stop 5.6 @95mm with the +2 and +4 macro filter, It was a dark day so I had my ISO set to 400

Above: I like the detail of the veins in the leaf

Some more experimentation with green on green background f-stop was at 6.3 and my lens was all the way out to 200mm for maximum magnification. It seems like when you use these filters f-stop only plays a role in the actual amount of light and has less affect on the depth of field.

This is where it got kinda cool!

I still wasn’t using the flash and was at 1/80 and f 8

I wonder if they were just chatting or about to engage in battle!

I found this slim ball under a log!

I hope you liked this small offering of pics I took the other day.. If you have any suggestions for locations or shot ideas, let me know!


Empty home Cont’d

April 22, 2010

The Empty Home

April 21, 2010

These are just a few of the images I captured today during my visit to the abandoned house.. Next up: Night shoot at the house with no light artificial lighting, should be exciting!

Backyard Bugs

April 20, 2010



naked seed

Robin Egg

Buggin out

He Bee Buggin

Tiny, the size of a pencil tip

vibrant thing

into the lion

I must give credit to my uncle Willam E. Wilson for giving me the lens and the macro filters for this little backyard adventure. I love the world beneath my feet and this will help me capture it even better!


Snap Shooter

April 20, 2010

Shoe Shine


going nuts

Metal vs. Wood

Spring moss

Tree Frog



Spring Ahead

April 11, 2010

I’ve been posting some pretty sad post lately… Good news, it’s brightening up! Spring has found me in a better mood, walking trails and finding hidden treasures in the blooming underbrush. The spring blossoms resemble splattered paint on an artist drop cloth scattered yet strategically placed  to compliment one another.

As I trek through, I come to a realization that I am a micro photographer not capturing the grand scene, but the little things that the casual observer might miss. Instead of looking up, I keep my head down to find the “precious moments” that lie below. The forest floor holds the promise of whats to come, the bright colors shouting up at the sun as to say “thank you”  and showing gratitude to the trees for letting them have their moment to show off. Soon the woods will bear their leaves and hide the precious light that the flowers crave so much, ushering in a new dominance to the trails. There is no shuffle for the staring role, all parts are understood and accepted. It’s like the greatest movie ever written with each scene a different season and each player depicting their role to perfection. As the arrival of fall brings the trees to center stage for their moment of stardom I cant help but anticipate the intermission of winter to bring me back to the opening act..