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She could if she wanted to.

May 26, 2010

Yesterday as I took a shower before work, I remembered when I was young and I would let the water run for twenty minutes, step out like I had showered, only to be busted by her.  How did she do it, how did she outsmart me again? She must have x-ray vision!  I think back to the days of staying out past my curfew and lying about where I was only to have her tell me my exact coordinates, who I was with and the times of my movements. Does she have phsycic powers? Is this woman a super hero? I mean this is the same person who launched a t.v.  across my room when I was 13!

Superheros usually come from some dramatic life altering moment in history or turmoil.  Her defining moment had to be the civil rights movement, a lot of you have heard of it, she lived it.  She consciously made the decision to go to school in the south, taking  oppression head on and refusing to be considered a second rate citizen.  She was assaulted by police officers, verbally harassed by civilians and put in jail for wanting the simplest things in life. She arrived victoriously  home to her parents, the prodigal daughter was back! She didn’t however come back without scars, but she wasn’t worried because her beauty out shined the harshest bruise.

She was so selfless that she put her needs aside to make sure I was getting the most out of life. Once I came along there was no distraction, she became hyper focused. A super human ferocity that drove her to finish her degree and the foresight to know that it was important for me to witness that great moment.

At times I played the role of the villain, defying her every wish, cursing her desires and placing my own wants ahead of my obligations. I played the cryptonite to her super facade, attempting to establish my dominance in our relationship, only to be reminded where I came from. Even after our most heated exchange, she was there to mend my wounds while embedding the lesson to be learned.  As our battle raged on at home, she defended me from any outside threat to a fault. Arguing my wrong-doings until the victims believed I was right. Her power as a compassionate teacher gave me the foundation to build my beliefs and the love to forgive and forget.

Today at the ripe ole age of “blankity blank” (She would literally kill me if I stated her age) she is a force to be reckoned with, tougher than the hardest nail. You see, after all of my attempts to destroy the strongest woman I’ve ever met with all of my selfish acts, she remains strong. I am scared of her, but I have an advantage over her other foes,  I know the warning signs. I know when that top lip curls under and that mighty index finger extends in my direction to frickin duck, because hell is on its way.

If you see Maile Wilson look in awe, this is a woman who defeated the oppressive south, conquered academics and demolished me and my super villain persona. It would be nothing for her to squash you like an ant, and if it happens don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I stand in shock at her ability to dodge father time and continue to inspire false guesses at her age. She stays in shape buy walking through the neighborhood and taking the steps when given the option, but if you witnessed as much of her life as I have you would wonder why she doesn’t just fly because, she could if she wanted to.

Don't let the smile fool you

I love you Mom!